The History and Popularity of Fedora Hats for Men

Fedora hats for men gained popularity way back in 1920 to early 1950 being associated with gangsters, famous movie detectives and action stars, sports celebrities and renowned entertainers. This hat has been introduced as a fashion accessory for upper and middle class men and women. It really rose to fame in early 20th century outshining the then trendy Homburg Hat being men’s signature hat of the times. To most men and women, this hat looks great on them, but not every fedora will look great on every head, thus the buyer have to consider the size, shape and color of the hat to choose the right one.

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Indeed, fedora hats for men continue to grow and make comebacks in popularity from time to time. Today, styles of these hats vary from classic to trendy which can be used with nearly any outfit. They also come in various shapes, with prices that would hardly make a dent on your pocket. In fact, there are lots of cheap fedora hats for men that are widely available these days. Here are some reasons why fondness on fedora keeps coming back over the years.


This hat is distinctively designed with a medium brim that surrounds the entire base of the hat and a C-crown or a unique indention at the top of the crown allowing a roomier fit. For a personalized touch of style, a ribbon may be placed underneath the hat band. Felt fedora hats for men are the traditional type of fedoras, however, nowadays, they are made from other materials like canvass or straw fedora hats for men.

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Fashion option for urban men

Originally, fedora hat obtained its name from a French play of Victorien Sardou, titled “Fedora,” a story about a heroine named Princess Fedora played by Sarah Bernhardt in 1889 in the American stage adaptation. A decade after the adaptation, the hat was introduced as a female fashion accessory; however, it also became a popular fashion option for urban men who wore it for protection and fashion purposes. Needless to say, the hat has its fair share of history and benefits, too.

Popularized by famous celebrities

Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart made fedora a part of their films and stage performances which greatly influenced the production of the fedora in 1940s. When the hat fell out of favor due to fashion changes towards a more informal clothing style, it was made cool again by Indiana Jones, Michael Jackson and Run DMC. Today, fedora hats for men have been visible in popular concerts of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, while other young celebrities make fedora comebacks by being photographed wearing this stylish hat.

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For head protection and convenience

Over the years, the popularity of fedora hats come and go like other fashion accessories. However, those who opt for cheap fedora hats wear it not only for fashion, the hats also help them keep the rain off from their face, protect their neck, ears and eyes from the sun and most importantly provide them protection against skin cancer. Aside from the protective function of this hat, it also offers a good deal between the coverage of large hats and the convenience of small ones or some fancy trucker hats.

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Evoke style and glamour of a vanished age

Fedora hats for men were commonly used by movie stars ever since 1950’s and were strongly associated with the classy leading men of the silver screen, film noir detectives and Prohibition-era gangsters. Nowadays, there are people who wear fedoras as costumes pieces for parties or sport it to create a personality drawn from the historical accounts. Other people simply wear this chic hat because they look good with it.