Voicing Out Your Style with Smokin’ Hot Trucker Hats

 So the summer season is about to hit the full swing. Before then, before you get to blink your eyes, it will also be that time of the year: holidays paired with annual year-ending trend reports.  If hats are your thing and you are interested in taking advantage of what’s hot right before this year hits it closing, consider adding these caps into your fashion wardrobe. With the several trends, there will surely be ones that fit your personal preferences.

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Options Available

1.     Neon Trucker Hats

It is needless to say that the popularity of trucker hats has had a drastic rise for the past few years. Nonetheless, this year, a new line of neon models may have an additional requirement: sunglasses. Neon truckers are now available in shockingly bright hues, which would include pink, highlighter yellow, fluorescent green, bright orange, aqua blue, and so much more. Thanks to Justin Timberlake for setting the trend on these fascinatingly crafted hats. And because these hats come with a stiff and sturdy type of crown, they are definitely the superior for anyone who wants to embroider them with some sleek custom logos.

2.    Engineered Baseball Caps

Structured or engineered baseballs have also become a notable player in the hats arena these days. The curved bill molded finely for the head of the wearer totally gives a cosy feeling on the head. While you can opt to have a size that is fitted for you, there are also a rather flexible alternative: adjustable styles. Adjustables usually come with Velcro closures. They’re crown are fortified and made highly visible, making them ideal for logo printing and customizations.

3.    The Army Hats

People say that army style headwear is now out of the picture already. That’s where they got themselves wrong, because army style hats will never get old. These caps happen to be the excellent choice for people who seek high performance head gear. For two reasons, that is: they are durable and comfortable. Another factor is that the design just makes every wear look much braver and stronger. After all, what you wear defines what you are as a person. Furthermore, the faded colors as well as the pre-frayed brims surely add up to the genuine look whether you’re a soldier by profession or by heart.

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4.    The Champion in the Arena: Flat-Bill Snap Backs

Are you familiar with top hats? Well, who wouldn’t be? They have been around since baseball was made on the face of the earth. Sounds like old school, huh? Then again, some things just don’t get old. For most people, snapbacks symbolize baseball. It’s the first thing that comes into mind, particularly for baseball fans. While baseball pros made these hats popular, they have continued staying popular with the help of renowned rappers, straight from the 90’s and all the way to the present year.  To name some would be Eminem, Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa and so much more. As far as build goes, snapbacks have flat bills, which make them sturdier than any other hat. Plus, these hats have rigid crown paired with durable buckram, providing the structured shape.

5.    Custom Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are purely unique accessories. Each one has the ability of molding into specific fashion ensembles without being canny. There are those that are toned lower with little to zero elements of distinctive design. They are usually singly colored with simple logos while some tend to display extensive levels of customization and artwork.

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Styling Tips

The trick here is to find the one that holds your eyes captive, thinking that it best suits your sense of styling and personality. After all, you think, therefore, you are. To give you guidance, here are the three simplest ways a trucker hat can triumphantly glide with your style.

  • Subtle styling extension

In this case, the trucker hat does not really serve as your outfit’s focal point. It has the purpose of acting merely as an extension. One of the most common ways for a hat to complement an outfit is to wear a rather understated one. Therefore, it is just a continuation and elaboration of your outfit. A hat that flaunts a simple yet impacting logo helps gain some attention, too. In other words, it does not turn out as a necessity, but it surely makes you look more elaborative, and in a sense, fills the missing piece in your attire.

  • The peak of the outfit

Imagine yourself being a Christmas tree. If your shoes, pants and shirt were the colorful lights surrounding you, do you think there’s something else missing? Of course, and that would be the star. Therefore, trucker hats are like the top stars for Christmas trees. Wearing one makes the perfect exclamation to whatever style you hold. Using a trucker hat for this purpose almost necessitates it to comprise a strongly bold design. Speaking loud than other parts of your outfit is what the hat must accomplish. So in that sense, you should only be wearing simple garments like a plain V-neck shirt, slim-straight khakis and a pair of your favourite boots or sneakers. A plaid color for the hat is also recommended, and the more shocking the color, the better. On that note, you can also associate the matching of the hat’s color with your skin tone. So if you have dark skin, an orange trucker hat with a large bold logo would be the simplest, most effective way to go.

  • Creating a personal statement

What’s in these days is the effort of making oneself unique. People in this modern day era are impeccably into the fad of standing out from the masses. Unfortunately, many fail to attain that goal and one of the biggest reasons is that they are impulsively decisive to mix and match odd sets of clothing. If there’s one thing you need to remember, that would be that simplicity is beauty. There’s no need to exaggerate and sometimes, you just have to give a highlight to what style you have by heart. If you’re the punk, then stay that way – high cut sneakers, slim fit shirt and carrot cut jeans. If you’re the simple casual type of person, then continue going with it. The magic happens when you don that trucker hat on. Success then lies to the kind of choice you make for a trucker hat and the way you wear it. Your hairstyle will also play a vital role in your way of wearing the hat. If you have wavy, blond hair like the Beautiful Soul signature of J-Mac, then snapping it to the back would be the rad way around it. For an Ivy League cut, then turning the cap a little bit on the right or left side works just right.

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Finding the Best Cheap Trucker Hats

One of the perks of trucker hats is that you don’t really need to splurge just to get the best one out there. Since they can be custom made, you can simply order simple designs that cost fairly cheap and just add a bit of amount for a design that you wish incorporated to it. This is a much money-saving alternative compared to buying special edition neon hats and baseball snapbacks out there. That wouldn’t be necessary anyway because there’s no need to join the bandwagon, if you have your own style.