The Boonie Hat – When There’s More To It Than Style

Anyone familiar the boonie hat will most likely associate it with the military. This hat is typically wide-brimmed and is tied around the chin. Boonie hats are typically made from poplin, which is wind-resistant and cotton. They have a strap, known as a foliage ring that is tied around the chin. Everything serves a purpose when it comes to the military. With this in mind, what are some of the reasons the boonie became an integral part of a soldier’s attire?

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A Humble Beginning

Boonie hats were first worn by the US army during the Vietnam war. The weather conditions in Vietnam were at the time extreme. There was a lot of sun and rain. The wide-brim of the boonie provided protection from the sun and the rain. The waterproof boonie hat made it easier to combat in the rain. Boonies also provided camouflage for the soldiers. The camo boonie hat such as the woodland camouflage was further enhanced by tying leaves and branches to the strap.

There are different types of boonies. The traditional types include the basic boonie, the tiger striped hat, the accessorized boonie and the Australian type hat. The basic boonie hat has a stiff flat-topped wide brim. It looks similar to the bucket hat and the fishing hat. The nylon or cotton fabric from which it is made is camouflaged. The tiger stripe hat was commonly used in Vietnam. They were made by suppliers in Vietnam and sold to the soldiers. It had a zig-zag pattern that replicated a tiger-striped pattern.

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Accessorized boonie hats are made from a variety of camouflage fabric. They are accessorized with insect netting that helps keep insects such as mosquitoes away. This boonie hat also has removable straps. The Australian-Style hat is a boonie with snaps on the side of brim. One can upturn the brim thus achieving a hat similar to the Australian bush hat.

The Annoying Strap?

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Today, there are two common types that you will easily find in the market: the camouflage and military boonie Hats. The military boonie hat is suitable when simply seeking shelter from the sun while the camo boonie hats are suitable for tasks that heavily require camouflage. One thing that irritates a lot of people about the boonie hat is how to fix the straps. It may be annoying to always have a strap dangling around your head or having straps that fell too big. There are several things you could do to fix this problem.

  • First, you could try wearing the strap loose behind your head. You simply tie it, making sure it’s loose enough at the back. You can make a knot right at the end of the strap.
  • Wear the strap loosely, this time in front of your head. Like when keeping the strap loosely tied at the back, you could keep the strap in front like a necklace.

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  • Tie the straps at the top of the hat. This will fold the brim on the sides of the hat, thus creating a nice hat similar to cowboy hats. The disadvantage is that you will expose your ears to the sun.

All in all, boonie hats may not be as stylish as the trucker hats, but they are extremely functional. They are literally life-savers. They are not only fashioned by military personnel, but also by people who are outdoor fanatics, workers or anyone seeking cover and protection from natural elements and insects. Some people may find it boring if included in their fashion look but to those who truly understands their purpose, they are the ultimate choice for functionality and comfort.