Safari Hats: Features and Selection Tips

Safari hats are brimmed hats made of reeds or straws. They are normally worn during excursions to protect the wearer from the sun, heat and wind. Tourists are usually spotted wearing this kind of hat, especially if they want to be categorized well from locals. Aside from these hats, you can also opt to wear other types such as the trucker hats. As long as you are protected from the sun and you feel casual and comfortable, there should really be no specific rules when it comes to wearing the right kind of hat.


When these hats are sewn, they are hard because of the reeds. They have to be immersed in water so that they can be soft and light. Large safari straw hats are more expensive because they take longer to make than small ones. Here are the other features of safari hats.

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  • They have an added brim which makes them fashionable.
  • It is curved at the front and side to protect your eyes from the sun. When you are out on the African terrain and are taking pictures, ensure that the hat does not cover the camera.
  • These hats can also be made of canvas material which is more resistant than straw and reeds. This material can be used for not only for safaris but outdoor summer activities, too.
  • The outside of the hat has a water repellent coat that makes water run over keeping your hat dry.
  • A leather band around the crown is an elegant addition to the safari hat. This creates a fashionable and stylish look for women. These hats are also worn by women as a fashion item.

For men who love to go to the wild or hunt, there are Safari hats for men and boonie hats too. A boonie hat is a bush hat that is used by the military. The brim is much stiffer and it can camouflage the African terrain as well. On the other hand, there are also plastic hats normally made for children. They are made in a variety of colors that are attractive to kids like pink, light blue, brown and some decorated with animal characters.

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Selection Tips

Knowing what you want will make it easy for you to know what safari hat to choose. Below are some valuable tips on purchasing safari hats.

  • Consider the place where you will use the hat.
  • The color of the hat should match with the attire you will put on.
  • The size of the hat is a crucial factor. The hat should fit well in order for you to be comfortable.
  • Choose a material that you will feel comfortable when you put the hat on.
  • In addition to that, the inside lining should have the right material that absorbs sweat during a hot weather.

Just knowing your preference will make the selection process easy. Purchasing these hats will be a great buy since you can use it both for fashion and for their functions.