Making a Fashion Statement with Flat Brim Hats

Flat brim hats can make a fashion statement if you like to make one in that way. There are many different types of hats that can be considered flat brim hats. There are flat brim baseball caps, flat brim truckers hat, Bear Bryant hounds tooth hats are flat brimmed (but you would only know that if you are a football fan), some of the hats that females wear are flat brimmed too. There are even flat brimmed old style derby hats and if you really want to get technical about it, top hats are flat brimmed too. Some of the new boy hats are flat brimmed too.

Celtics Boston Fitted Flat Brim Hats

Top Varieties

  • Customized flat brim hats – Just as nearly anything else in the world can be customized, so too can these hats be. Here is how to get it done. First find the hat that you want in the color that you want. You may find this type of hat nearly anywhere. Some of the stores that sell nothing but hats will also customize them with monogramming if you want them too. You can also take it to an airbrush shop to have it airbrushed but in all honesty most of the shops that do airbrushing will also sell this type of hat. It really is that easy. 

Top Quality Customized Flat Brim Hats

  • Fitted flat brim hats – These are also easy to be found and customized. The same stores that sell nothing but hats will have this type and so will the airbrush shops and big box stores. Also most beach stores and souvenir places sell this type of hat too. They come in many colors, patterns and designs depending on where you find them. You can even get this type of flat brim hats with your favorite sports team logo on it. If you are not able to find one with your favorite sports team them you can always get one personalized. Depending on where you are you may even be lucky enough to find a white one with a big, red, Alabama Roll Tide A on it!

  • Plain flat brim hats are also easy to find. In fact, you have to just say it…hats are easy to find. No matter what kind, style, shape or color, they can be found anywhere and if you can’t find one in a store near you they are always available on the internet just like everything else. When you are in the mood to get a new hat you could just do it the easy way and turn on your computer and order it.

Black Plain Flat Brim Hats

  • Trucker-style hats – Yet another feasible option that every fashion-conscious individual must consider having are trucker hats. Trucker hats come in all different types. There are mesh back, snap back, Velcro back, flex fit and even low profile styles. They come in many different colors and even different combinations of colors. Some are made from 4 panels and some are made from 6. Some have designs on them and some do not. There are all different styles and truckers are not the only people who you see wearing them either. You can even see celebs wearing them when they are trying to blend in with the “normal” people.

Trendy Chicago Flat Brim Hats


You just had the top options on modern hats; with flat brims and trucker-style hats getting special mention. Based from this comprehensive list, you have probably realized that there are tons of great choices to go for; so it pays to be wise and wary when it is finally time to hit the stores and shop. Be sure to check out several brands and evaluate their features thoroughly before you proceed to the counter and pay for one.