Choosing the Right Military Hats

Military hats are among the most comfortable and stylish hats ever. This is the sole reason why they are so popular among hat wearers all across the world. They are worn by people of all ages, genders and ethnicities all across the world. Trucker hats on the other hand are also very fashionable though a little less popular. These hats never go out of fashion. They are available in all sizes and designs that people fancy. This calls for some discretion when choosing the right trucker or military hat, which is bound to fit you well.

Choosing The Right Type of Hat

Both military hats and boonie hats are very specific when it comes to their shapes, thus, the need to be quite keen when choosing a hat. Basically, the first requirement is for you to choose the right size for you. There are many ways through which you can establish the right size.

black military hats

However, the recommended method involves using a tape measure wrapped around the head, preferably an inch above the eye brows. You should ensure that the tape goes around the head parallel to the ground when you are facing directly ahead to get the right measurement. Women use the measured size for the hat, while men should use a sizing chart to convert the measured size to establish the ultimate size for them.

Military caps and hats for men are designed a bit differently from the women’s hats. This shows the need for keenness when purchasing the appropriate hat for you. This variation is the main reason why the determining of the hat sizes for men varies from that for women.

Wearing Your Hat

Some people do not know exactly how they should be worn to have the best effect on the wearer. The best fit for the hats should be such that no hair is visible from the forehead.


The hat should be placed such that it is centered within the bridge of the nose. Then the hat should be adjusted such that the cap covers the major part of your head and is parallel with the ground. When the hat has been adjusted properly, then all you have to do is smooth out any parts of the cap that have been left sagging on the head. Then, you are good to go!

Military hats can be worn appropriately in many platforms without looking misplaced. These hats are classy and this is the main reason why they are acceptable in the many different places where they can be worn. However, most states have banned wearing these hats that have got badges on them. This is due to the fact that it is considered disrespectful to the military of those states. However, hats that do not have the badges on them are widely acceptable.

These hats are of very great quality as compared to the other hats that are commonly worn by people. They have been shown to last a lot longer in their perfect conditions. They are perfect for baseball games. Military hats can be worn with a wide variety of garments and match just as well.