10 Tips to Look Your Best in Custom Beanies

Custom beanies have become a very easy to wear and classy thing these days. It is a very soft and comfortable hat which protects your hair from any kind of damage and even looks real good with most outfits. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you don a beanie. If you can take care of these things then a beanie is the best thing to happen to you and to add great value to your style statement. Here are some very vital things to remember when donning these beanies.

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10 essential tips when wearing a beanie

A beanie is a good and trendy hat which most people wear these days. When worn right there is nothing as cool as a beanie to make you look all the more charming and enticing.

  • If you are wearing a beanie during the chilly winter, it is best to fold it once along the entire curve and then wear it. This creates a thicker and warmer layer for you and can protect your ears really well. This would ensure you don’t catch cold or fever, too.
  • Custom made beanies like the veil beanie look very good and are comfortable, as well. You need to tie your hair up well and tuck it inside the beanie making sure that your bangs don’t get caught up in the mesh.
  • Do not have custom beanies made with a string on them. The string could create a mark on your face and can hurt badly, too. This would also be very inconvenient. Make sure to always pick a comfortable and nice kind of a beanie that suits your skin.
  • If you are looking for an extremely comfortable and very cool beanie, then one of the best options is to knit one yourself. This way you can make as many modifications as you like and even add in your own creativity to it. Custom knit beanies make your beanie different from the rest and would be a very unique piece of work.


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  • When buying a beanie make sure to pick colors which would make the beanie look good on all outfits. For instance, black and brown would go well with most dresses. Stay away from picking neon color beanies.
  • It is always better to leave your tresses open when you wear custom beanies. This would look good and at the same time you are well protected too. It is good enough to create a wow style statement in the easiest possible way.
  • If you are allergic to certain forms of fabric then make sure to avoid including them or buy beanies without them. Since a beanie covers a significant part of your head and is in contact with your skin for a very long time, taking care about such things is absolutely necessary.


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  • Always make sure not to tie your hair too tight when you are wearing a beanie. During harsh climates if you have to tie your hair then knot them as delicately as you can and your tresses would be away from damage.
  • Closely cropped beanies are very good for daily use. You can have custom embroidered beanies so that you can wear beanies for work and casual outings. This would be better if you wear a jacket and you would look super chic with it.
  • Trucker hats are also a very good substitute to beanies. They are equally chic and make you sexy looking and have a style factor of their own.


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Do try wearing a beanie once and you for sure will get addicted to it. Custom beanies can be spun either at home or bought from outside. Be sure to keep comfort as the first thing on your mind when picking a beanie for yourself. Getting a beanie that your suits your style and taste is not difficult at all and you would for sure look real gorgeous.