Varieties and Steps in Making Hunting Hats

When hunting, it is essential to have the proper head gear so as to ensure that you hunt safely. Hunting hats protect you from various weather conditions and any dangers that might be projected towards your head. These hats are found in sports shops and clothes stores. There is a wide variety of hats such as vintage hats for hunting, as well as trucker hats and many other designs that you can choose depending on your preferences.

Different varieties

Hunting hats can be camouflaged, patterned or plain. They come in different colors and are made of different materials. These hats are also made for various hunting activities like duck hunting, bird hunting, fishing and deer hunting. When choosing hats for duck hunting, it is essential to choose a green or brown hat so that you can blend in with the surroundings of the swamp. For extremely cold seasons, purchase hats with ear flaps. These hats not only protect your head but also your ears from cold. If you are looking for a camouflaged hat, one should go for boonie hats.

best hunting hats

Steps in making your own hunting hat

Below are some instructions to guide you in making hunting hats:

  • Begin by measuring your head’s circumference slightly above your ears. Measure the middle part from your back to forehead and from one ear to the other. Record your measurements.
  • Open a paper bag to resemble a big piece of paper. Transfer measurements to your paper ensuring that it takes an oval shape.
  • Design a pattern for the bill ensuring that it measures nine inches across and has a depth of three inches. The front part of bill should be straight while corners rounded. The back of this bill should also be rounded to resemble oval crown.
  • Cut sections of crown pattern, fold crown in halves and flatten it, leaving it to crease. Fold it diagonally on all sides and flatten it. Proceed with cutting all these folds such to design six triangles that have rounded bases.
  • Design a pattern for ear flaps and also neck flap that can easily be fastened under the chins. Ear flaps should be four inches across and nine inches long. Neck flap should be four inches across and approximately nine inches long. A rough drawing should be able to guide you since it will resemble the letter “L”. Curve ear flaps’ bottom such that it measures two inches.

black and white trucker hats

  • Begin cutting fabrics by laying fleece fabric on each right side.
  • Lay out all patterns, except the ear and neck flaps, pinning them down with tailor’s chalk. Add ½ inch for seam allowance. Cut out fabrics adding another piece for brim. Ensure that you have four pieces of fabric for brim.
  • Begin sewing all crowns sections together. Sew the outside of brim, ear flaps and neck flaps such that they form one piece.
  • Give your hat final touches by sewing all pending parts.

Safety and comfort in one

There are the tips on how to create hunting hats. Whether you want to sew your own or buy ready-made ones, these hats will provide you safety and comfort when you are outdoor hunting.