Tips In Choosing Church Hats

Wearing hats at church can be traced back in the bible. Today, church hats defines the person wearing them. It is a fashionable icon that most women spend some time and money in searching for the best hat that should fit every Sunday. These elegant church hats come in different colors, shapes, sizes and designs that highlights a certain status of the person in their community, to some extent.

All About Church Hats

Certain Rules That Must Be Followed

Although it was mentioned that these hats come in different colors, the Easter season can be exempted when  wearing church hats. Always observe to wear white or pastel hats because they are considered to be the most appropriate color for the season.

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Helpful Tips To Consider

In Christian churches around the world, people are observed to be at their best attire when attending the weekly Sunday service. They want to look good before God and the church hats are the best exclamation point of their outfits. If you want to look great and appropriate when going to church, then it is just proper to take note of some of these tips;

  • It should never be wider than your shoulder. Unless you are mourning and you want a silhouette look then you can go as wide as you want, but if not, make sure everyone can see your happy face as you glorify God’s name.
  •  The color should never be darker than your shoes. It makes the flow of your energy pointing downwards.
  • Worn out hats should be replaced regardless if its designer church hats or not.
  • Make sure you have a lot of hats to spare when going to church. This way, you can dress up according to the occasion which can give a chance for the cheap church hats to have a place in your wardrobe.
  • Don’t let your hat get into a clash with your outfit or other accessories. The hat is the centerpiece of your look so avoid accessories and clothing that can divide the attention of the hat. Instead, they should have harmony that supports the hat in general.


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  • If you choose to wear wide hats. Make sure that you find a seat in the side or at the back. This way, the hats will not distract your fellow church-goers as you move your head around.
  • Going to church is a formal event. Avoid wearing trucker hats and baseball caps inside the building. Make sure to wear them off when you have one.
  • Understand the shape of your face. Ask a fashion expert or some friends as to what type of shape or design best compliment the shape of your face.


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Personalizing Your Own Hat

These hats can also be personalized. All you have to do is buy a plain hat of the desired shape and you can add accents such as lace and rhinestones. It is a great way of showcasing your creativity while saving some money since some hats can go as high as hundreds of dollars. Headbands with highlights can also go a long way if you want to look dressed and appropriate for the occasion. This way, you can highlight your Sunday dress and still look presentable. Don’t wear too much accessories.

Church hats have a certain projected aura. Senior women are the best example when wearing such hats. They showcase their class and personality in their choice of color and design. Darker colors are more appropriate for them while the younger ones should choose the lighter shades. It is not a rule according to age but it looks proper when doing so.