The Varied World of Skull Caps : An Overview

If you are vying for protection and cool looks then skull caps can certainly provide you with these attributes. Over the years, these caps have gained immense popularity and just like the trucker hats, you can find an array of caps displayed in the store. From varying texture, size and design to fashionable styles and appeal you can find these types of caps for all occasions. Some of these caps are even known to have religious relevance.

Under Armour Skull Cap

Different Types of To Choose From

Some such different types of skull caps are discussed below:

  • Motorcycle skull cap – These types of caps are a rage among the younger generation. Mostly black color is preferred in this range and the most favored material is leather. These caps provide additional protection from rain, wind and cold temperatures. However, the leather caps have one negative feature. They are much heavier than the caps made from other material. Leather has a tendency to hold the heat for longer period. Hence, they are too good during winter but in summer, they can cause excess heat. That is why these biker skull caps with leather material are used in winter and for summer you can make use of caps made of lighter fabric material. Most of these motorcycle caps come with crosses made in various colors such as pink, blue, red, white and many more.


Different Styles of Biker Skull Caps for Men and Women

  • Beanie skull cap – This is one of the most popular schoolboy caps. During the 19th century till the late forties, these caps were almost like a part of school uniform. After all these years, these caps are now again back in fashion. They offer you different options in their structure such as triangular sections of felt, leather or twill. Most of these caps are made from yarn by making use of crochet and knitting techniques.


Stylish Custom CrossFit Skull Cap

This cap has again come into limelight due to the growing interest of youngsters towards cold sports and snowboarding. Since the Beanie skull cap make use of grunge clothing they are preferred by such sports loving people. The material used in these types of caps is specially made of synthetic material or fleece that wicks away moisture. Woven versions of these, such as football skull caps are very much popular among the sports persons.

Tate Forcier

  • Religious skull cap – It is a custom in many religions to wear caps and hence you will find varying custom skull caps used by particular religions on the occasion of religious festivities or rituals. For example, the Jews wear their special cap known as kippah that is usually red, black, white or green in color. Orthodox Jews will often wear black caps or hats. White caps are more popular among Muslims and are known as taqiyah. Most of these skull caps are made from cotton as this material is good for both winter and summer season. Although religious caps do not have much decoration on them, you can find some messages or scripts written on some of these caps.


With so many varieties available in this genre of caps, it is not difficult to select one for yourself. However, while making the purchase it is important that you also keep the material used for the cap in mind along with the fashion trend. You may look great in the mirror but it doesn’t look proper if the rest of the people around you and the environment does not approve it. As much as possible, try to avoid wearing them in churches. You can’t blame them if these caps are associated with being a gangster and unlawful people.