The Different Types of Children’s Hats

As a caring and responsible parent, you should try to show love to your child or children by providing them with some adorable children’s hats. Hats not only protect your children against cold, but they also improve the looks of the little ones. Hats also enable to be very confident about themselves, especially when they are playing with their peers.

Types of Children’s Hats

Any hats can be given to your kids. Even adult hats look cute on them but there hats that are specially designed for the little ones. The types of hats that have always been designed for children include:

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  • Bucket hats – These are some of the best hats that protect children against cold efficiently, especially in winter. They can be made of different materials such as wool, leather or knit material. They are also designed with special brims that can provide nice shade for your children’s eyes.
  • Balaclava – This is one of the oldest types of children’s hats. It is believed to have originated from the cold mountains of Asia. It is normally hand-knitted and is designed in such a way that it covers the ears. Some other types of this hat can cover the whole face, leaving only two small openings for the eyes.
  • Berets – Berets are the type of hats for children that are usually designed for little girls. They bring out your young daughter’s personality in such a special way. Even though they are not designed to offer much protection against the cold, they are very fashionable and provide the young ones with extra beauty.
  • Earflap hats – Earflap hats usually cover the whole head except the face. As their name suggest, they are designed with long side flaps that extend downward to cover and protect the delicate ears of your children.
  • Tucker hats – These hats are also known as “mesh caps”. Tucker hat is also a type of baseball cap. The front of this cap is foam and the sides are made from plastic net.
  • Boaters – These are some of the cutest kid’s hats that you can provide your children with. They are also referred to as straw hats as they are made of stiff straw. They are designed with a flat-topped crown and a relatively narrow brim. You can let your children have these hats during summer.

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  • Ski caps – Ski caps are some of the best types of hats for children that your young ones can wear outdoors, especially when they need to plays. They are available in different colors and designs and can be worn comfortably during any time of the day.
  • Panda – Of all the different types of hats, panda hats are considered to be the best. This is due to the fact that they are very fashionable and durable. They are made of very strong materials and are available in different attractive designs.

Children love to play outdoors and it is important to give them their much needed protection from all types of harsh elements. Regardless of its design, these hats must always protect the children from all sorts of elements. They must also be comfortable for children to wear. Children are not very picky with designs and usually whatever design suits their cute faces. When you take a closer look functionality precedes design in children’s hats.