Panda Hats: Fashion on Winter Season

Panda hats are the latest in fashion for keeping the head warm on winter days while expressing the feeling of fun. Panda hats with paws have just exploded into the fashion scene within the past several months but it is not just children who are enjoying this fun trend. Adults, teenagers, even a lot of grandparents have been seen wearing one of these pretty animal hats and it is clear that they have a strong appeal on the masses.  However, aside from its lovable designs just like with other hats like tucker hats, they offer the same purpose to the wearer and that’s protection.

Extinction of Pandas

The real Pandas really invoke the feeling of affection from people everywhere on the planet and the sentiment embraces all generations.

panda hats for babies

Under threat of becoming extinct, the Panda bear has gotten a lot of exposure in recent years and many people are stepping forward to try and aid in the continuation of this great species. With an estimated population of only a thousand Pandas surviving in their natural habitat, great emphasis has been placed on charitable contributions and scientific developments.

Because of the controversies that surround the animal, a sudden increase in Panda-inspired fashion and accessories ensued, which made Panda bear hats so loved by people of all ages. Some ascribe the popularity to the inability of most people to contribute to scientific developments and charities for the bear. By wearing Panda winter hats, they can show their appreciation and support for this enigmatic animal in an indirect manner.

cute panda hats with paws

Popular Styles of Panda Hats

  • Panda Hat with Gloves – This style is simply a must have this winter. This long style of panda hat has become a notable fashion statement and has gained a good amount of exposure from both festivalgoers and stars. These kinds of hats are meant for every age so it does not matter whether you give it to a small child, a teenager or an adult. They all will love the style.
  • Panda Hat with Paws – An excellent fashion statement for winter, this panda hat is largely designed with a scarf attached, with gloves at the ends. Some designs have paw prints on the inner part of the gloves, making the wearers feel like they have been turned into a real Panda bear. Kids will particularly love this style but they will look perfect for everybody.

panda bear hats for girls

  • Panda Spirit Hood – These hats have been worn by some of the famous superstars and personalities in the world. The panda spirit hood has been worn by celebrities such as Katy Perry, Pink, Keisha, Bruno Mars, Fergie, and Jared Leto. The original creators of this style of Panda hat claim that a transformation takes place when you put on the spirit hood. The transformation cannot be defined and entirely unique to each individual.

plus size panda winter hats

  • Panda Hat with Toggles or Ear Flaps – This style is the perfect head warmer for the winter. Not only are they practical when you go out in the cold, they are also available in a huge variety of stylish and cute designs that will surely create joy for you and everyone who sees the panda hats.

So, if you adore Pandas and believe that they should be protected, join the bandwagon and wear Panda hats during winter season.