Knitted Hats

Knitted hats come in various patterns and styles. They are uniquely made to fit men and women, children and adult alike. Knitting is a skill that has been passed on from a long line of generations and this skill is spread and taught all over the world. Originally, knitting clothing and hats is made for the purpose of keeping warm during winter days and cold season. However, there are other parts of the world with hot and humid climate have also made knitted clothing and apparels as part of their fashion trends.

The patterns determine whether the knitted hats are for male or female or both.  These kinds of hats are designed especially for cold season being the main inspiration in knitting. During winter, cold catches the head faster than any other part of the body. Therefore, to meet this need, several patterns of hats have been developed to solve the puzzle.

gray knitted hats

Sugar twist knit hat

Sugar twist pattern is cheekily named sugar as it takes after the sugary cotton candy.  It is a free knitting style suitable in covering your head during cold season. The materials used in this pattern consist of the Malabrigo Gruesa type of wool and takes two skeins. It consumes a one set ten millimeter double pointed needle and one circular needle found mostly in the tapestry needle shops.

Women Cable hat

This knitted hats for women is ideal for winter days to hide a woman’s head from catching cold and spoiling that hard worked on hair. The knitted hat is dark colored to enhance warmth hence beat the cold. It also requires a double pointed knitting needle. Cable hat is made using natural wool with one egg-plant if it is available.

pink knitted hats for women

It takes up at least twenty one stitches in total to knit the woman cable hat. With twenty three rows in every four inches of the total fabric used in making this particular hat. Baby knitted hats can also be knitted using the cable hat pattern.

Men have not been left behind in the knitting world as knitted hats for men are available in their ranges and fantastic woven styles.

Peppermint patty hat

baby knitted hats reviews

Pepper mint patty hat takes the free knitting pattern.  It utilizes a cable needle in knitting it in order to come up with the best peppermint hat. The needles in this knitted hat must be between five to ten millimeters mainly the circular needles used in knitting, double pointed types of knitting needles and at least thirteen stitches in total for that fair hat for a man to wear during wet occasions.

  • The Kreisi couture cloche tricot hat is also a very interesting hat for men that can be worn in both cold season and an evening outing. Fits perfectly in the head and is very rich in fabric thereby forming a very good basis for heat generation to keep you warm all night or day depending on the occasion you apply it in.

blue knitted hats for men

  • Beanie hat from the Bikkembergs’ designers is also a very wonderful accessory for men. It is dark in color and takes the rib knit pattern in developing it. Hats have been used since time memorial to protect man from adversities such as cold or dangerous insects and even sun. Knitting is one of those oldest trades in the history of a human being in developing clothes.

While there are a wide variety of hats available in the market today, knitted hats still get a popular preference especially in very cold places. Unlike contemporary hats such as trucker hats, the knitted clothing and apparels retain body heat and keeps the wearer warm even in very freezing conditions.