Express Your Personality and Youth through Crazy Hats

If you are the one who likes to feel different and show off your personality wherever you go, you should consider trying different types of crazy hats. You only need to ensure that these hats are original and made creatively to express yourself in most fascinating manner. A unique and creatively prepared hat will ensure that your headgear is one of its kind and will also demonstrate how fun and daring you could be during parties and other occasions.

Fashioned Crazy Hats

Different crazy hat ideas

Following lines explain how you can get some inspiration from different things such as places and animals to make your hat as crazy as possible.

  • Stuffed animals

You can create a kind of beautiful and captivating animation on the top of your head by using stuffed animals. In fact, crazy animal hats are very popular among young generation especially in themed parties and other such functions.

The best thing about these headgears is that you can attach them to any regular hat by securing them tightly or using Velcro. Animal hats look best on trucker hats, baseball or basketball caps. There are many ways to animate the stuffed animal enticingly such as holing its arms and legs by a floral wire or changing its position.

Cute and Furry Crazy Animal Hats

  • Flowers

Flowers are perhaps the best choice when it comes to decorating nice normal hat. However, it is an outstanding idea as well to use flowers to prepare exceptionally attractive crazy hats. It is quite simple to do as you need to attach several flowers on your hat instead of only one on the brim of the hat. The flowers can make an attractive floral arrangement or might also come out at different angles. Similarly, you can make flowers even more captivating by dipping them in colors or spraying paint on them.

  • Places on top of hats

Another great idea to create crazy top hats is to place your favorite monument, building or even bridge on any hat. You can use tape, paper mache or foam to attach places of your choice on regular hats. However, you need to ensure that whatever you have attached, it is light enough to wear and properly anchored. An outstanding idea for a hat featuring a place on its top is the solar system. You can prepare such hat by using floral wires, different colors and light foam balls.

Popular and Trendy Crazy Top Hats

  • Sports themed caps

Crazy hats can also help you support your favorite team in most exciting and interesting manner possible. The easiest method of decorating your caps with crazy sports themes are to use smaller versions of sports equipment such as baseball balls or bats that can fit easily and lightly on your head. You can also make your crazy hat a center of attraction of by wearing an unembellished sombrero in your favorite’s team color or others such as beamed sturdy hats.

  • Food

It is always a fun to have different foods as subjects of crazy and funny hats. Unless you intend the hat to be edible, always use fake foods on your hat as it will not damage your headgear and will last longer as well. Foods are best to make crazy Santa hats on Christmas, themed parties and any other happy occasion you are participating in.

Yoda Crazy Santa Hats

Uniquely crazy

As a matter of fact, various types of crazy hats can help you express your personality and exuberance making yourself standout from the rest. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique and weird hat, abovementioned tips are definitely going to help you. Go ahead and let everyone know how fun, exciting and crazy you can really be through these hats.