Cool Hats for Functionality and Fashion

Blending fashion with functionality, the younger generations opt for cool hats to add a hint of flair to their regular wear. Usually the headgear is an add-on but when paired correctly and interestingly, it tends to accentuate the overall appearance a million different times.

Cool Trendy Hats for Women

What appears bland and dull otherwise can get transformed into a stylish fashion statement with this hint of a carefree attitude called cool hats. These add on accessories to the casual form of clothing come in fabrics such as cotton, tweed, fleece, synthetics and natural fibres like wool.

Trucker hats

The hats that became popular originally as a mode of promotion, bag a coveted place in this range of hats. This combination of fabric and mesh has a great deal of functionality, as well. Besides being a sun protective shield, this head gear provides ventilation, too. The breathable mesh fabric cools the head on hot and dry days.

Dark colors are a more pronounced choice for these hats. With a wide range of logos and designs, they are a sure hit at reunions, sporting events, tournaments, and team cheering. As an advertising speciality, they find favor with the corporate and business community at meetings, trade shows and events.

Cool beanie hats

Beanie hats or skull caps are one of the most popular styles in head hugging caps. Although brimless, they come with or without visors. The functionality of beanies does not find a match. They lend more towards the protection factor than style. Losing the body warmth from head is no more possible when wearing a warm beanie. They come in fabrics as well as wool.

DIY Cool Beanie Hats

Neutral colors are more defined but solids in vibrant shades add color to an otherwise dull winter wear. With bead works, pompoms, zippers and embellishments, they are sure to lend a chic look. They can be worn by snuggling down or in “Peter Pan” style. These cool hats are a fun way to enhance the everyday look besides protecting head, ears and forehead from chilly winds in cool temperatures.

Cool golf hats

The hats that are a must headgear for the gentlemen’s game provide protection from the elements. They are rounded caps with small brims that tend to keep sun off from the eyes. They are stylish and appealing. The no offence look that golf hats lend, works towards giving a serious and subtle appearance to the wearer. Mostly donned in neutral and solid shades, the hats come in fabrics such as cotton, tweed and wool. They offer space on the crown for advertising as well.

Black Oakley Cool Golf Hats

Cool knit hats

This headgear is a must when the temperature nosedives. Loaded with jackets, pullovers and coats in freezing cold conditions, these hats are a breather when it comes to making a stylish statement with patterns, braids, pompoms, embellishments or classic style. Beanies, ear flap hats, slouch hats, berets are some of the varieties in this range. They have functionality blending with fashion. They block the sun but hold the heat. The natural fiber helps defend frost bite. They go great in maintaining head warmth during low temperatures.

Additional tips

Opting for cool hats to make a bold fashion statement is possible if one keeps these tips handy that would go a long way in adding flair to the everyday wear. Choose the right kind of hat to pair up with the outfit – it should not be too loud and overpowering.  It should also be a comfortable wear, adjusters work well for a fit according to the head size.

Buy Cool Knit Hats for Women

Neutral and solid shades are always the best bet. Go for vibrant shades only when the outfits are too dull. Wear according to the climate and weather. With these tips in place and the knowhow about the hats, one can surely look forward to experimenting and innovating a personal style statement that would be chic and flamboyant.