All You Need To Know About Mens Bucket Hats

If you are fashion conscious, mens bucket hats are important accessories that you cannot afford to miss in the wardrobe. They are a must have fashion trend hats that adds an iconic look to your ordinary wears. However, there are varieties of hats to choose, such as trucker hats and many more. Bucket hats are popular because they work well with outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, and playing golf. They are made out of strong cotton material which makes them durable and strong. Other materials include canvas and denim. The bucket hats protect the face and eyes from the sun especially during summer. In addition, they keep the head warm in winter. If you want the best hats look for bucket hats as your addition to your wardrobe.

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Bucket hats are available in bunches of different types. This is most probably because sellers of these hats are sprouting everywhere in the market. For this reason, it is important that you are familiar with these types so as to know which one best suits you as well. But because not all people are skilled to do this, you will need to get help from buying guides like this one in order to get the best purchase. So look no more because below, the necessary steps and purchasing guidelines are comprehensively listed.

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Types of Bucket Hats

When it comes to buying mens bucket hats, all it takes is a keen eye and thorough consideration of your preferences. Bucket hats come in different unique styles, colors and designs. They vary from country to country and they differ in names. Nevertheless, the traditional appearance of the hats remains unique.

  • Camouflage bucket hats for men

Camo bucket hats are designed with army like touch. They are camo bucket hats for men, which you can buy to look trendy and fashionable. They are strong and durable. The camo buckets hats are important accessories to compliment the camo wears. Army styles make the wearer comfortable. Besides, it gives a look of brevity and strength. Camo hats are for those who are passionate about being soldiers or even the real soldiers.

  • Men’s designer bucket hats 

There are designer bucket hats that are designed with style and elegance. They offer the best choice for a stylish and iconic look. Celebrities such as the popular hip hop icons love this incredible bucket hats. It is important to note that designer bucket hats men are pricey as compared to generic hats. Not only are they fashionable, but also comes with a great value. Consider having designer hat additions to your wardrobe.

Popular Designer Bucket Hats Men

Tips on Buying Bucket Hats

  • Select the right material for your fun outdoor activities. If you are a regular gofer, consider having mens bucket hats to protect your face from the sun.
  • Know the right price that gives you the value for money. You can look fashionable with the money that you have.
  • Match your outfit with the right colors and style. Most importantly, the designer hat should complement other outfits.
  • Get a designer hat that makes you stand out of the crowd. One common trend nowadays is having a unique outfit and accessory that distinguishes from others.


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Where to Buy Bucket Hats

Buying bucket hats is a simple process. There are available online as well as offline stores. You can buy cheap bucket hats for men and look fashionable. Doing a simple search on the internet is essential, since, it leads you to reputable hat retailers. You should make look for the design of your choice. There are custom made bucket hats that you can purchase to add a sense of style to your outfits.

Sun Hats for Men

Summer is back and it’s time to apply protection again so the sun’s harmful rays do not cause severe problems such as melanoma. Sunscreen and Sunglasses are very common utensils that are often chosen to protect against the sun’s rays but neither are more versatile nor as comfortable as the traditional Sun hat. Sun hats used to have a bad stigma with males preferring the traditional baseball cap for protection. Recently however there has been a trend in new cool sun hats for men.

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Choosing the Right Sun Hat

Sun hats for men come in various shapes, colors and sizes depending on the color. The most popular are of course lighter colors which of course absorb less heat than their darker counterparts. Straw hats are quite popular as well due to their tendency to ensure a cool head for the wearer. Colors such as light green, yellow, pale gray, mustard, light brown and stained white are all popular colors that have been in demand lately.

The best sun hats for men are often the simplest; many luxury brands have additional features that may turn off males from their product even though it appeals excellently to their main core shoppers: females. Males tend to have simpler requirements and are often turned off by shows of extravagance.
Sun protection hats for men are often: cheap require little to maintenance comfortable and non-cumbersome to wear consistently offer adequate protection built to last.

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Trucker hats are the most popular sun hats for men, similar to the design of a baseball cap, the hat has a plastic mesh designed for breathability, and it offers a cool comfortable foam mesh which is popular for men.

Celebrities in their Sun Hats

Originally designed for an older demographic, the hats have become a popular trend for suburban youth. Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams and Tony Hawk have donned this type of hat for promotional purposes. The comedian Judah Friedlander has an enormous catalogue of these types of hats.

Sun Hats for men have been embodied by baseball and the aforementioned type of hat. The youth culture’s embrace of the hat has ensured that it remains a cultural icon for decades to come. Popular musicians such as Scott Biram, Bob Wayne from Outlaw Carries, Hank Williams the Third, Gary Lindsey and Zac Shedd of Assjack and Shawn Mcwilliams have attributed the baseball cap in their music videos.

Cool Black Sun Hats For Men
The baseball cap is the primary insignia of the New York Yankees baseball team. The baseball cap with the NY logo is one of the most recognizable brands in the world with even those in developing countries being able to instantly recognize the logo. The baseball cap is so instrumental to the success of the New York Yankees that it’s become a cultural icon of the New York baseball team.

Sun hats for men are mostly represented by cool light colors on a baseball cap. Their popularity has spiked in the mid 2000s and it doesn’t seem that they will be stopping soon. Those who would like to purchase a sun hat should wisely invest in a light colored one that can offer adequate protection.

Neat Sun Hats For Men

When choosing the right sun hats, it is important to consider wide brim hats that can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. The hats are designed for the purpose of limiting the skin of the face to excessive sun exposure. Most men would prefer baseball caps than wide brim round hats but lately there have been a steady rise in male patronizing head apparels such as sun hats. If you invest in skin protection now, your future self will thank you for it. Dab some sunblock cream to top it off for a complete skin protection from the sun.

The Growing Popularity of the Various Mens Hat Styles

Once perceived as a mark of elegance and distinction, mens hat styles have grown in popularity. Hats have evolved from being the timeless accessory to being the must have in men’s wardrobe. It can turn a simple outfit into an extraordinary one by adding effortless style to it. They go equally well with formal and casual wear. Ideal wear for the summer time as well as winters, there is nothing that can beat this fashion accessory’s style.

1930s Vintage Mens Hat Styles

Mens hat styles at a glance

There are various hat styles for men that you can choose from. Depending on the personal taste and the occasion for which it is brought, the hats can be chosen. Each style is unique appeals to men of all ages.

  • The Panama hat is one such type that is popular due to its lightweight style and breathable fabric. It is even believed that some of the finest panamas are capable of holding almost one gallon of water in it without any leakage. These can well be paired with Panama suits, aviators and loafers.
  • The trilby hat is the none other than the narrow brimmed fedora or the crumbled fedora. The shorter brim of the hat is angled downwards at the front and is slightly turned backwards. They are available all in various fabrics and can be teamed up with suede shoes and a dress shirt. These are some of the popular mens dress hat styles.
  • The cotton made flat cap is ideal for the summertime. Pair them with a sports coat and a nice pair of sunglasses and you are ready to step out. Pick up a light shades one for the neutral color outfit.
  • The boaters are another option to choose from. These come in striped of solid grosgrain ribbon around its crown. Since they have a more casual approach to them these can be teamed up with a casual t shirt, jeans, buttoned shirts.
  • There are some popular yet vintage mens hat styles like baseball cap, peaked cap, patrol cap and newsboy cap. The popular trucker hats are somewhat similar to the baseball cap and often come with mesh backing.


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Choosing among the different mens hat styles

Men’s hats are of various types and patterns. Each one is unique. There are certain types that are suitable for certain men and it doesn’t look good on you. So, before setting out to purchase them keep a note of that, along with these helpful tips:

Latest Hat Styles For Men

  • Select the size first. Wear it to see if it fits perfectly on the head.
  • Pick up the one hat that suits you.
  • Go for the one that enhances your personal style.
  • Consider the time of the year and select the fabric.
  • Select the right size and the fabric followed a color of your choice. You get to choose from the bright to the black and every shade in between.
  • The vintage hat styles that is quite popular even today. These are seen in the casual, bohemian or the vintage style. Men can select one of these depending on their requirement.


Fashioned Mens Hat Styles

Other things to keep in mind

By having a proper knowledge and understanding of what you want and what you are looking for, you can choose among the various mens hat styles without much hassle. Try to keep in mind how hats can also be a reflection of who you really are. By choosing a hat that will somehow exude your personality, you will be able to communicate with other people better and easier. Choose a style and design that will creatively show your trendy side. Try your best to follow these tips and you will never go wrong in selecting the right hat style for you.

The History and Popularity of Fedora Hats for Men

Fedora hats for men gained popularity way back in 1920 to early 1950 being associated with gangsters, famous movie detectives and action stars, sports celebrities and renowned entertainers. This hat has been introduced as a fashion accessory for upper and middle class men and women. It really rose to fame in early 20th century outshining the then trendy Homburg Hat being men’s signature hat of the times. To most men and women, this hat looks great on them, but not every fedora will look great on every head, thus the buyer have to consider the size, shape and color of the hat to choose the right one.

CULVER CITY, CA - JUNE 03:  Musician Justin Timberlake arrives to the 2006 MTV Movie Awards at Sony Pictures Studio on June 3,2006 in Culver City, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Indeed, fedora hats for men continue to grow and make comebacks in popularity from time to time. Today, styles of these hats vary from classic to trendy which can be used with nearly any outfit. They also come in various shapes, with prices that would hardly make a dent on your pocket. In fact, there are lots of cheap fedora hats for men that are widely available these days. Here are some reasons why fondness on fedora keeps coming back over the years.


This hat is distinctively designed with a medium brim that surrounds the entire base of the hat and a C-crown or a unique indention at the top of the crown allowing a roomier fit. For a personalized touch of style, a ribbon may be placed underneath the hat band. Felt fedora hats for men are the traditional type of fedoras, however, nowadays, they are made from other materials like canvass or straw fedora hats for men.

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Fashion option for urban men

Originally, fedora hat obtained its name from a French play of Victorien Sardou, titled “Fedora,” a story about a heroine named Princess Fedora played by Sarah Bernhardt in 1889 in the American stage adaptation. A decade after the adaptation, the hat was introduced as a female fashion accessory; however, it also became a popular fashion option for urban men who wore it for protection and fashion purposes. Needless to say, the hat has its fair share of history and benefits, too.

Popularized by famous celebrities

Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart made fedora a part of their films and stage performances which greatly influenced the production of the fedora in 1940s. When the hat fell out of favor due to fashion changes towards a more informal clothing style, it was made cool again by Indiana Jones, Michael Jackson and Run DMC. Today, fedora hats for men have been visible in popular concerts of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, while other young celebrities make fedora comebacks by being photographed wearing this stylish hat.

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For head protection and convenience

Over the years, the popularity of fedora hats come and go like other fashion accessories. However, those who opt for cheap fedora hats wear it not only for fashion, the hats also help them keep the rain off from their face, protect their neck, ears and eyes from the sun and most importantly provide them protection against skin cancer. Aside from the protective function of this hat, it also offers a good deal between the coverage of large hats and the convenience of small ones or some fancy trucker hats.

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Evoke style and glamour of a vanished age

Fedora hats for men were commonly used by movie stars ever since 1950’s and were strongly associated with the classy leading men of the silver screen, film noir detectives and Prohibition-era gangsters. Nowadays, there are people who wear fedoras as costumes pieces for parties or sport it to create a personality drawn from the historical accounts. Other people simply wear this chic hat because they look good with it.