Safari Hats: Features and Selection Tips

Safari hats are brimmed hats made of reeds or straws. They are normally worn during excursions to protect the wearer from the sun, heat and wind. Tourists are usually spotted wearing this kind of hat, especially if they want to be categorized well from locals. Aside from these hats, you can also opt to wear other types such as the trucker hats. As long as you are protected from the sun and you feel casual and comfortable, there should really be no specific rules when it comes to wearing the right kind of hat.


When these hats are sewn, they are hard because of the reeds. They have to be immersed in water so that they can be soft and light. Large safari straw hats are more expensive because they take longer to make than small ones. Here are the other features of safari hats.

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  • They have an added brim which makes them fashionable.
  • It is curved at the front and side to protect your eyes from the sun. When you are out on the African terrain and are taking pictures, ensure that the hat does not cover the camera.
  • These hats can also be made of canvas material which is more resistant than straw and reeds. This material can be used for not only for safaris but outdoor summer activities, too.
  • The outside of the hat has a water repellent coat that makes water run over keeping your hat dry.
  • A leather band around the crown is an elegant addition to the safari hat. This creates a fashionable and stylish look for women. These hats are also worn by women as a fashion item.

For men who love to go to the wild or hunt, there are Safari hats for men and boonie hats too. A boonie hat is a bush hat that is used by the military. The brim is much stiffer and it can camouflage the African terrain as well. On the other hand, there are also plastic hats normally made for children. They are made in a variety of colors that are attractive to kids like pink, light blue, brown and some decorated with animal characters.

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Selection Tips

Knowing what you want will make it easy for you to know what safari hat to choose. Below are some valuable tips on purchasing safari hats.

  • Consider the place where you will use the hat.
  • The color of the hat should match with the attire you will put on.
  • The size of the hat is a crucial factor. The hat should fit well in order for you to be comfortable.
  • Choose a material that you will feel comfortable when you put the hat on.
  • In addition to that, the inside lining should have the right material that absorbs sweat during a hot weather.

Just knowing your preference will make the selection process easy. Purchasing these hats will be a great buy since you can use it both for fashion and for their functions.

Boonie Hats for the Army Man

Boonie hats are also referred to as bush hats. They are wide-brimmed hats that are usually used by military forces all over the world. The designs of these hats for men are similar to bucket hats but with firmer brims. The hat usually has branch loops or fabric tape band that is sewn all around the crown. Sometimes referred to as foliage ring, the band is used for holding additional vegetation for camouflage purposes. Stability is delivered by a strap while air vents are provided by mesh panels and rivets. In addition, there may also be snaps to fold the brim in the style of the Australian bush hat.

Military boonie hats are made according to military specifications, and are manufactured using durable but breathable material such as cotton and poplin. There are many different designs and brands that are available such as the Propper boonie hat, which can be found on the market in various standard military colors and camouflage patterns.

These hats were first used by the US military during the Vietnam War. From then, it became a main component of military personnel attire, especially with the US Army Green Berets.

light brown boonie hats

The wide brim of the boonie hat provides ample protection from the sun to its wearer. The chin strap can be adjusted while a mesh vent could be incorporated on the crown to provide a cooling effect.

Boonie hat shopping guide

Most people might think that they do not need instructions on how to wear boonie hats and what size is perfect for them. After all, these are things that one should know instinctively. However, those who have worn bush hats for years developed a particular flair for wearing them, ensuring that the hat stays on their heads firmly and with the least amount of wear and tear.

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  • Choosing the right size – When trying on your boonie hat, you may find a size that is too small but the next bigger size is too large. It is recommended that you choose the smaller size. Fabric, which is the material for most hats is breathable and will stretch over time. Unlike trucker hats wherein you can adjust the size or fit whenever you want to, it is completely different with the boonie hat. Try giving the hat a head start by putting it on a knee and stretching it. Through time, your hat will mold to your head shape, giving you ultimate comfort.
  • Putting the hat on – When wearing the boonie hat, smooth away any hair that is on your forehead before placing the hat front on your head. Then with the use of your palm, push your bush hat down starting from the back of its crown. You can wear your boonie hat with its brim at eye level or push it back in the characteristic laid back style of the Aussies.

Taking care of the hat

Avoid tugging on the brim of your bush hat to ensure that it is on properly. This will cause tears and other damages. You should also avoid sharp edges from coming into contact with boonie hats as these can cause tearing.

Styles and Types of Winter Hats

When wintertime comes around or for any time that you may feel a chill in the air, winter hats are great for keeping your head warm. There are many kinds of these hats, including baby winter hats, women’s hats, men’s hats and more. These hats are different from other type of hats such as tucker hats because these hats are usually made from fur or wool that provides warm to the wearer during cold season.

Popular Winter Hats

Below are some of these popular hats including:

fashionable winter hats

  • Thermal hats – Thermal hats are usually those made of a soft, fleecy material and are meant to keep your head very warm, but also give you a hat that breathes. You can find these for women, men, and also kids winter hats in many colors and styles.

The cutest styles that you could buy for babies or children include animal hats such as panda hats. These are warm winter hats in the shape of a loveable black and white panda bear. These have become popular for some adults to wear as well and can be found online or in some department stores.

cute winter hats

  • Knitted hats – If you prefer different types of knit, then you will love these types of hats. They come in styles like beanies, berets, toboggans, and more. You can get them made as winter hats with ear flaps or those that tie under the neck if you buy them for babies or small children so they won’t fall off.
  • Bucket style hats – The bucket style of winter hats come in materials like knits, fleece, wool or leather. They are meant to give warmth to your head and have a brim to provide shade for your eyes. You can even get a kind of bucket winter hat that is made like the famous Ugg boots for the winter season.

kids winter hats and gloves

  • Newsboy hat design – Another popular hat for winter is the newsboy style. They are not as warm as some of the other types of winter hats, but they are very much in fashion. You can get them in multiple colors like brown, white, black, and bright basics like blue, red, yellow or more. They are made in materials like corduroy, leather or tweed for both men and women’s hats.

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  • Wool Fedora hats – Wool fedora style hats are also in style and you can find them usually in grey or black or even bright colors like purple and fuchsia for those who want to show off their flare.
  • Other types of winter hats – You can also find other styles of these hats, including knitted ski caps which are popular in strips or solid designs and come in many different colors. Some have earflaps, while others have a pompom on top.

Winter hats are fashionable and functional accessories for the chilly seasons. The many styles, types, and even colors and materials make them versatile for every personal style and taste. These hats also complements whatever wardrobe you wear for winter season because they are made of fur or wool which most coats and jackets are made of.

Panda Hats: Fashion on Winter Season

Panda hats are the latest in fashion for keeping the head warm on winter days while expressing the feeling of fun. Panda hats with paws have just exploded into the fashion scene within the past several months but it is not just children who are enjoying this fun trend. Adults, teenagers, even a lot of grandparents have been seen wearing one of these pretty animal hats and it is clear that they have a strong appeal on the masses.  However, aside from its lovable designs just like with other hats like tucker hats, they offer the same purpose to the wearer and that’s protection.

Extinction of Pandas

The real Pandas really invoke the feeling of affection from people everywhere on the planet and the sentiment embraces all generations.

panda hats for babies

Under threat of becoming extinct, the Panda bear has gotten a lot of exposure in recent years and many people are stepping forward to try and aid in the continuation of this great species. With an estimated population of only a thousand Pandas surviving in their natural habitat, great emphasis has been placed on charitable contributions and scientific developments.

Because of the controversies that surround the animal, a sudden increase in Panda-inspired fashion and accessories ensued, which made Panda bear hats so loved by people of all ages. Some ascribe the popularity to the inability of most people to contribute to scientific developments and charities for the bear. By wearing Panda winter hats, they can show their appreciation and support for this enigmatic animal in an indirect manner.

cute panda hats with paws

Popular Styles of Panda Hats

  • Panda Hat with Gloves – This style is simply a must have this winter. This long style of panda hat has become a notable fashion statement and has gained a good amount of exposure from both festivalgoers and stars. These kinds of hats are meant for every age so it does not matter whether you give it to a small child, a teenager or an adult. They all will love the style.
  • Panda Hat with Paws – An excellent fashion statement for winter, this panda hat is largely designed with a scarf attached, with gloves at the ends. Some designs have paw prints on the inner part of the gloves, making the wearers feel like they have been turned into a real Panda bear. Kids will particularly love this style but they will look perfect for everybody.

panda bear hats for girls

  • Panda Spirit Hood – These hats have been worn by some of the famous superstars and personalities in the world. The panda spirit hood has been worn by celebrities such as Katy Perry, Pink, Keisha, Bruno Mars, Fergie, and Jared Leto. The original creators of this style of Panda hat claim that a transformation takes place when you put on the spirit hood. The transformation cannot be defined and entirely unique to each individual.

plus size panda winter hats

  • Panda Hat with Toggles or Ear Flaps – This style is the perfect head warmer for the winter. Not only are they practical when you go out in the cold, they are also available in a huge variety of stylish and cute designs that will surely create joy for you and everyone who sees the panda hats.

So, if you adore Pandas and believe that they should be protected, join the bandwagon and wear Panda hats during winter season.


Custom Hats for Work and Play

Hats are versatile pieces of clothing that have been made of different materials and designs throughout history. There have always been custom hats to fit specific needs for various jobs, sports events, or even for casual wearing.

Hats may be made of many different materials such as felt, wool, plastic, or even cardboard or paper. It all depends if it is used as a permanent hat or just one for a single occasion, like a birthday party. These hats can be designed for any sort of occasion. Hats are designed not just as fashion statement but as a protective gear to the wearer.

Types of Custom Hats

These hats are worn for many jobs or events and some of these special hats include various types.

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  • Helmets – These hats are used as protective gears for engineers, carpenters, contractors and more to protect them from falling debris. For instance If it were a fireman’s helmet, it would have a visor on it to put over their face to protect them from the smoke and heat and a chin strap to hold it on.
  • Custom baseball hats – These hats are commonly used by baseball players to protect their eyes from sunlight. Each team designs their own baseball hats with the initials or first letter of their team’s name. Today, these hats are very popular as casual hats used by both men and women and even kids as accessories.

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  • Children’s Hats – These are protective hats for your kids such as panda hats for children, it could be a winter hat with chin straps and ear flaps to keep them warm and it would be made of a material like wool or other knitted material to keep out the cold air in winter. Some knitted hats are carefully sewn and beautifully designed by their mothers especially for little girls. Moms adorned them with cute little flowers.

When these hats are designed, they may contain some of the main parts of a hat such as the brim, crown, chin strap, visor, or flaps. It is not necessary to include all of these parts, as it depends on the reason the hat is to be worn.

Designing Custom Hats


In some cases, you can design your own hats and order them online. For instance, you can go online and order custom trucker hats, which are usually a style of baseball cap. You can have it in the colors you want, have things embroidered onto it, put patches, your names, and many more. It all depends on the company making the trucker hats and what you want to pay for it.

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The same goes for custom snapback hats. You can have these made up for your favorite sports teams with no problem at several places online. You can also buy readymade snapback hats of different sports teams as well.

The bottom line is that custom hats are very popular for people to wear whether they want to show off their favorite teams or show off their favorite color or just have their hats personalized. Everyone wants to show off with these hats that are stylish and functional as well.

The Different Types of Children’s Hats

As a caring and responsible parent, you should try to show love to your child or children by providing them with some adorable children’s hats. Hats not only protect your children against cold, but they also improve the looks of the little ones. Hats also enable to be very confident about themselves, especially when they are playing with their peers.

Types of Children’s Hats

Any hats can be given to your kids. Even adult hats look cute on them but there hats that are specially designed for the little ones. The types of hats that have always been designed for children include:

cute children's hats

  • Bucket hats – These are some of the best hats that protect children against cold efficiently, especially in winter. They can be made of different materials such as wool, leather or knit material. They are also designed with special brims that can provide nice shade for your children’s eyes.
  • Balaclava – This is one of the oldest types of children’s hats. It is believed to have originated from the cold mountains of Asia. It is normally hand-knitted and is designed in such a way that it covers the ears. Some other types of this hat can cover the whole face, leaving only two small openings for the eyes.
  • Berets – Berets are the type of hats for children that are usually designed for little girls. They bring out your young daughter’s personality in such a special way. Even though they are not designed to offer much protection against the cold, they are very fashionable and provide the young ones with extra beauty.
  • Earflap hats – Earflap hats usually cover the whole head except the face. As their name suggest, they are designed with long side flaps that extend downward to cover and protect the delicate ears of your children.
  • Tucker hats – These hats are also known as “mesh caps”. Tucker hat is also a type of baseball cap. The front of this cap is foam and the sides are made from plastic net.
  • Boaters – These are some of the cutest kid’s hats that you can provide your children with. They are also referred to as straw hats as they are made of stiff straw. They are designed with a flat-topped crown and a relatively narrow brim. You can let your children have these hats during summer.

cheap cute panda hats

  • Ski caps – Ski caps are some of the best types of hats for children that your young ones can wear outdoors, especially when they need to plays. They are available in different colors and designs and can be worn comfortably during any time of the day.
  • Panda – Of all the different types of hats, panda hats are considered to be the best. This is due to the fact that they are very fashionable and durable. They are made of very strong materials and are available in different attractive designs.

Children love to play outdoors and it is important to give them their much needed protection from all types of harsh elements. Regardless of its design, these hats must always protect the children from all sorts of elements. They must also be comfortable for children to wear. Children are not very picky with designs and usually whatever design suits their cute faces. When you take a closer look functionality precedes design in children’s hats.

Functionality of Animal Hats

Animal hats are usually forms of caps that are worn by people on the head and sometimes in the hands as gloves. These hats are of different shapes since they take the shapes of different animals. These hats are different compared from other hats like tucker hats because their designs are animal heads which are quite fun to wear.

These animals range from those that are kept at home like rabbit, cat and cow and also wild animals like tiger, lion, bear and others. Panda hats are just like animal hats the only difference is that they take the shape of panda, an animal with white and black spots found in China. These hats usually cover the head during cold weather and they can also be used for other functions like party or for aesthetic purposes. These hats are used as protection for the head, but some women use them just as a fashion statement.

cute animal hats

Functions and Features of Animal Hats

  • Keeping Warm

During cold weather like winter, these hats are worn by people in their head to keep them warm. They are able to keep you warm since they are made from fur or wool which is suitable material for cold. They are able to withstand extremely low temperatures especially in the Polar Regions which are usually very cold throughout the year.

  • For Special Occasions

During special occasions such as parties, birthdays and other celebrations, animal hats are used in order to mark the uniqueness of such moments. It therefore ensures that those days stand out from the rest. You can wear them while attending such occasions.

  • Taste And Preferences

Some people like wearing animal hats as compared to other types of hats since they have a strong liking and passion to these hats. They buy them to satiate their individualism as well as to enhance their wardrobe and personality.

adorable panda hats

  • Beauty

These hats are also used by people in order to make them look attractive or approachable. When in these hats, one stands out from the rest of the crowd. This therefore brings about a sense of satisfaction to users. These hats are generally attractive and therefore whenever one wears them he or she looks comic and friendly.

  • Durability And Comfort

These hats are mostly made from animal fur or wool. These natural fibers are usually strong and soft. These hats are therefore long lasting and comfortable to wear ensuring maximum satisfaction to consumers.

These hats can be purchased both from online and offline stores. It is ideal if you buy from stores or boutiques where you can try on different designs of hats, what perfectly fits you and to feel the texture of the materials used. However, online stores offers wide array of designs and styles and most online stores offers them at discounted prices.

Animal hats are made to suit all ages and sizes. This means that kids and adults can use them; this is because they come in variety from small to large. Generally animal hats are very attractive and admirable when one is on them. Aside from giving warm and protect an individual from the biting cold during winter, these hats are great to enhance one’s outfit and personal style.

Choosing the Right Military Hats

Military hats are among the most comfortable and stylish hats ever. This is the sole reason why they are so popular among hat wearers all across the world. They are worn by people of all ages, genders and ethnicities all across the world. Trucker hats on the other hand are also very fashionable though a little less popular. These hats never go out of fashion. They are available in all sizes and designs that people fancy. This calls for some discretion when choosing the right trucker or military hat, which is bound to fit you well.

Choosing The Right Type of Hat

Both military hats and boonie hats are very specific when it comes to their shapes, thus, the need to be quite keen when choosing a hat. Basically, the first requirement is for you to choose the right size for you. There are many ways through which you can establish the right size.

black military hats

However, the recommended method involves using a tape measure wrapped around the head, preferably an inch above the eye brows. You should ensure that the tape goes around the head parallel to the ground when you are facing directly ahead to get the right measurement. Women use the measured size for the hat, while men should use a sizing chart to convert the measured size to establish the ultimate size for them.

Military caps and hats for men are designed a bit differently from the women’s hats. This shows the need for keenness when purchasing the appropriate hat for you. This variation is the main reason why the determining of the hat sizes for men varies from that for women.

Wearing Your Hat

Some people do not know exactly how they should be worn to have the best effect on the wearer. The best fit for the hats should be such that no hair is visible from the forehead.


The hat should be placed such that it is centered within the bridge of the nose. Then the hat should be adjusted such that the cap covers the major part of your head and is parallel with the ground. When the hat has been adjusted properly, then all you have to do is smooth out any parts of the cap that have been left sagging on the head. Then, you are good to go!

Military hats can be worn appropriately in many platforms without looking misplaced. These hats are classy and this is the main reason why they are acceptable in the many different places where they can be worn. However, most states have banned wearing these hats that have got badges on them. This is due to the fact that it is considered disrespectful to the military of those states. However, hats that do not have the badges on them are widely acceptable.

These hats are of very great quality as compared to the other hats that are commonly worn by people. They have been shown to last a lot longer in their perfect conditions. They are perfect for baseball games. Military hats can be worn with a wide variety of garments and match just as well.

Varieties and Steps in Making Hunting Hats

When hunting, it is essential to have the proper head gear so as to ensure that you hunt safely. Hunting hats protect you from various weather conditions and any dangers that might be projected towards your head. These hats are found in sports shops and clothes stores. There is a wide variety of hats such as vintage hats for hunting, as well as trucker hats and many other designs that you can choose depending on your preferences.

Different varieties

Hunting hats can be camouflaged, patterned or plain. They come in different colors and are made of different materials. These hats are also made for various hunting activities like duck hunting, bird hunting, fishing and deer hunting. When choosing hats for duck hunting, it is essential to choose a green or brown hat so that you can blend in with the surroundings of the swamp. For extremely cold seasons, purchase hats with ear flaps. These hats not only protect your head but also your ears from cold. If you are looking for a camouflaged hat, one should go for boonie hats.

best hunting hats

Steps in making your own hunting hat

Below are some instructions to guide you in making hunting hats:

  • Begin by measuring your head’s circumference slightly above your ears. Measure the middle part from your back to forehead and from one ear to the other. Record your measurements.
  • Open a paper bag to resemble a big piece of paper. Transfer measurements to your paper ensuring that it takes an oval shape.
  • Design a pattern for the bill ensuring that it measures nine inches across and has a depth of three inches. The front part of bill should be straight while corners rounded. The back of this bill should also be rounded to resemble oval crown.
  • Cut sections of crown pattern, fold crown in halves and flatten it, leaving it to crease. Fold it diagonally on all sides and flatten it. Proceed with cutting all these folds such to design six triangles that have rounded bases.
  • Design a pattern for ear flaps and also neck flap that can easily be fastened under the chins. Ear flaps should be four inches across and nine inches long. Neck flap should be four inches across and approximately nine inches long. A rough drawing should be able to guide you since it will resemble the letter “L”. Curve ear flaps’ bottom such that it measures two inches.

black and white trucker hats

  • Begin cutting fabrics by laying fleece fabric on each right side.
  • Lay out all patterns, except the ear and neck flaps, pinning them down with tailor’s chalk. Add ½ inch for seam allowance. Cut out fabrics adding another piece for brim. Ensure that you have four pieces of fabric for brim.
  • Begin sewing all crowns sections together. Sew the outside of brim, ear flaps and neck flaps such that they form one piece.
  • Give your hat final touches by sewing all pending parts.

Safety and comfort in one

There are the tips on how to create hunting hats. Whether you want to sew your own or buy ready-made ones, these hats will provide you safety and comfort when you are outdoor hunting.

Camouflage Hats: Uses, Features and Advantages

Being in the military requires an outfit that will conceal and mimic the environment to lessen exposures to enemies. One of these outfits is the camouflage hats. Read further and know more about the features and uses of these hats.


Camo hats are special caps that usually match the color of the environment like the jungle and desert. They are mostly used by military personnel in order for them to camouflage their surroundings. This makes them unnoticeable especially in engaging in wars. These hats are also used by hunters in the forest as well as airsoft and paintball players. Camouflage hats are also ideal for outdoor activities and can be worn by people of different profession and jobs.

best camouflage hats reviews

Features and Advantages

Here are the advantages of these hats.

  • Durability – The fabric commonly used in the manufacture of these hats is cotton. Therefore, they are durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are not easily torn no matter what situation and condition the wearer is exposed to. Cotton is washable; hence, these hats are easy to clean saving you a lot of time. This generally saves money and energy too.
  • Color – These hats come in variety of colors, therefore, favoring the choices and the preferences of various customers, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. The colors vary from shades of blue, brown, green to grey. Needless to say, you can easily pick a color or shade that will fit your personal style and preference.
  • Size – Camouflage hats come in a variety of sizes. There are those for children, men, women and the elderly. Manufacturers ensure that all sizes are available so that customers will have an easy time looking for their sizes. Aside from this, you can also opt to have your hat custom made for you, but of course, you will need to pay extra for this kind of service.
  • Comfortable – Camo hats have adjustable straps for the wearer to correct in order to achieve a comfortable feel. The texture and material used also contribute to the comfort of these hats.
  • Identity – As mentioned earlier, these hats are specifically designed for military forces. They have logos, badges or crowns at the front to help in identifying what force they belong too. For those non-military users, a lot of these hats don’t have any logos in front.

black and orange trucker hats reviews

Your other options

One type of camouflage hat is the boonie hats. They are wide-brimmed and therefore take the shape of a bucket. The brim is folded and can catch or collect falling leaves in the jungle, therefore, increasing concealment of the wearer. On the other hand, fashion hats such as the trucker hats are relatively cheap especially when sold in wholesale.

Generally, camouflage hats are beautiful to wear due to their diversity in sizes, colors, choice of design and functionality; hence, it is time that you have these hats, too. You will soon find out just how stylish and effortlessly functional these hats are really are once you are able to try them out for yourself.