A Closer Look at Custom Hard Hats

While construction workers and fashion trends don’t exactly go hand in hand, those perceptions have slowly changed as the new style of custom hard hats becomes more popular. Remember when Baltimore Ravens player Chris Canty made his first appearance on the football field wearing a customized facemask on his helmet? The mask was actually to prevent further injury after suffering a detached retina, but soon after a number of other pro football players also hit the field to show off their customized mask helmets as well. Unfortunately, the NFL didn’t approve of the new Batman styled Bane masks and banned any custom masks that did not help prevent specific injuries.

Harley Davidson Custom Design Hard Hats

The New Breed of Personalized Hard Hats

Fortunately that sort of tragedy hasn’t happened to the new style of custom hard hats. The varieties of these new hard hats are endless and offer a sense of style for any construction worker. Custom painted hard hats offer workers the ability to add any design to their hat. Popular designs include skull faces, carbon fiber patterns, and cameo print. But the custom design doesn’t end there. There is also a wide selection of full brim custom hard hats that offer more shade for some of the hottest days under the sun.


Creative Custom Painted Hard Hats

A Little History

Of course the purpose of the hard hat isn’t lost in the design. Hard hats were first developed years ago when ship workers used to add tar to the top of their hats. After being left in the sun, the tar would harden creating what would become the first hard hat. But it wasn’t until the 1900’s that hard hats became more popular for other workers who were in danger of heavy items falling on their head. The helmets work with an inner suspension that disperses the weight of heavy objects. Eventually, construction companies decided the hats were so purposeful that they became a mandatory requirement on many construction sites.

The customization of colors began when different industries attempted to distinguish themselves. For instance, welders and road workers both utilize hard hats, but welder’s hats are typically brown and road worker’s hats orange. Even more customization began when unions attempted to offer free stickers to workers to advertise their organizations. Thus began the birth of custom design hard hats.

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The Hard Hats of Today

But today’s custom hats go to an extreme. Of course hard hats aren’t the only hats that have been touched by the fashion world. Trucker hats- which earned their name after farming supply companies began handing out that style of hat to farmers, truck drivers, and other rural workers- has also become a popular fashion accessory in recent years. The baseball caps are marked by a wide front, curved bill, and mesh back. Most hats also have an adjustable back snap. While the hats are synonymous with blue-collar jobs, they became a trendy fashion accessory in the early 2000’s when celebrities like Ashton Kutcher were photographed wearing them.

 Where To Buy A Quality Full Brim Custom Hard Hats

Custom hard hats are available for purchase across the Internet for prices high and low. The typical price range is anywhere from $45 to $65 although gift givers beware, not all workers are allowed to wear custom hats.


And those were the basic but valuable facts on the origin and evolution of personalized hard hats. They may not be more on the fashion side, but for people working on hazardous areas, they are a necessity and a good investment for optimal safety. If you happen to have the same kind of workplace but still don’t have one on your own, it’s probably the right time for you to consider buying one.